An organization interested in the objective outcome from the use of psycho-legal elements in juvenile and criminal forensic evaluations to determine competency and sanity.



Since its inception in 1995, Capacity FOR JUSTICE (C4J) members have been keenly interested in the more objective outcome from the use of psycho-legal elements in juvenile and criminal forensic evaluations used to determine competency and sanity. (“Capacity” is for mental capacity and “ FOR JUSTICE” is looking toward a fair trial and/or appeal.) Members have made important contributions through research projects across the state by examining the quality of court ordered evaluations for juveniles and defendants.

Capacity FOR JUSTICE fulfills projects addressing pre & post-adjudication for respondents and defendants with mental illness, mental retardation or concurrent mental and substance use disorders. Focusing on taking the guesswork out of opinions, C4J conducts research, training, & compiles a registry of professionals whose credentials are consistent with the Texas Code of Criminal Procedures (TCCP) 46B Incompetency to Stand Trial and TCCP 46C Insanity defense.

New expert qualifications and standardized procedures in TCCP46B and TCCP46C support more consistency and equal protection in mental health expert reports and testimony. Specialized training is a way to become eligible for appointment as an expert witness offering juvenile and criminal forensic testimony in Texas Courts. To assist in providing necessary credit hours for qualified professionals and their support staff, C4J offers courses several times per year on mental health professional reliability and coordination of legal and mental health professional roles in judicial procedures involving mental health issues. View our Upcoming Events, including on-demand webinars, to see what training opportunities are on the horizon. 

Upcoming Conference

"Being an Ethical Forensic Expert"

October 18-20, 2017

Austin, Texas

UT Thompson Conference Center

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